Diamond inlaid thermos cup, net red inlaid diamond water cup, Tiktok, cross-border creative trend, portable water cup, diamond thermos cup

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Article number:2020
style:Straight body cup
Liner material:304 stainless steel
Shell material:304 stainless steel
Thermal insulation performance:6-12 hours
texture of material:Inner 304 outer 201
Import or not:no
Is there a patent:yes
Patent type:industrial design patent
Patent number:202030640492.7
Is there a special supply source for cross-border export:yes
Is it a gift:Yes, business gifts
Gift giving purpose:Points for gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts, festival gifts, awards and commemorations, public relations gifts
Applicable festivals:Christmas, Valentine's day, Spring Festival, father's day, mother's day, teacher's day, new year's day, Tanabata, Halloween, Easter, national day, children's day, women's day
Applicable gift giving relationship:Younger generation, couple, husband and wife, colleagues, friends, elders, children, classmates, mentor
Suitable for gift giving occasions:Birthday, full moon, travel commemoration, graduation, housewarming, party, visit and condolences
Product launch time:Summer 2017
Product quality grade:Superior products
intended for:Women, men, children, lovers, general, elderly, students
Applicable scenario:Gifts
Is there a third-party test report:have
Customized process selection:Laser engraving
Package specification:Single white or colored box packaging
Price segment:80-100 yuan
Processing customization:yes
Printed logo:sure
National Industrial Production License Number:wu