Electric Candle Warmer Lamp

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Launt a beautiful and fragrant home when you have the 12vmonster candle warmer lamp. Basically an all-in-one candle electric heater, small lamp, and home décor, our candle heater warms and melts the wax instead of burning it. Hence releasing a stronger and more fragrant aroma of your scented candle, all while being a lovely decorative lamp.

While the wax melts under the warm heat of this candle lantern, it also serves as a cozy & relaxing candle lamp. Use this portable electric heater for candles in your bedside table, office or living room as you can easily adjust its brightness with its built-in dimmer.


Size: 34*15*15cm
Material: Aluminum
Certification: None
Colors:: White, Black
Light source: G10 Halogen Lamp (35)
Name: Melting Wax Aromatherapy Lamp