LED Display Spoon Cup

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LED Display Spoon Cup

One of the ways we can ensure that our pets are eating healthy is by using a pet food measuring scoop. This "Smart scoop" precisely measures your pet's food portions, as the balance on the front of the scoop guides you to healthier feeding practices.

Pet Food Water Measuring Spoon Cup With Led Display – ZoOMlify

LCD Digital Screen Display

Digital spoon scale with LCD display and CR2032 Button Lithium Battery (Not Included), balance adjustment function ensures your precise measurement. Easy to read and use.

Removable Measuring Cup

Digital scale spoon with a removable cup made of high-quality abs material for safety and health, simple to install and remove, also easy to clean after use as an ideal tool to weigh pet food and water.

Wide Application 

The product can have a wide range of uses, capable of measuring both solid and liquid ingredients, such as pet food, water, etc. 


  • Quantify your pet's food and make your pet's diet more balanced.
  • Meal: This is an amazing measuring tool for food and cooking!
  • Four measuring units: effectively measured in g, ml, cup, oz. Solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, flavor, and water are weighed.
  • Switch the measuring unit just by pressing the unit button. 4.
  • Detachable Spoon: Detachable spoon makes it safe and healthy for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Electronic scale spun with clear LED display, which is clear and easy to read.