Rolly Fun Pet Feeder / Dog or Cat Food Snacks / Tumbler Pet Puppy Feeder Dispenser Bowl Fun For Hours with reward snacks

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Interactive fun feeder toy is made of Non-Toxic enviromental friendly PC material. Non-abrasive felt,just be assured that letting pet play it. Tumbler and inside bell design will arouse dog's curiosity. Ideal for interactive fun for most dogs. And it is a fun toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated! Bulid-inside slow food structure design, can effectively control the dog feeding speed to prevent indigestion, but also improve it's function of playing.
Type:Automatic Feeder
Dog Size:Universal
Material:PC / ABS / Iron
- Fill the dog ball with your dog's favorite treats or food.
- Trust me, they don't want to put it down from this time.
- It's also a good tool to increase pet IQ.